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About us

GL Olehydraulics is a young company specialized in oleohydraulics; it is situated in the industrial area of the town of Las Parejas, southwest of Santa Fe province.

It works on the design, manufacture and marketing of hydraulic cylinders, the assembly of customized hydraulic hoses and pipes; it also sells hydraulic components and accessories.

GL Oleohydraulics has the widest range of components of hydraulic systems, offering customers various options which suit their needs. In addition, it boasts managers and technicians with proven experience of more than 15 years in the industry, providing the advice that the client needs.

Our Mision

Our vision is to become a company recognized in the market for the quality of its products, the attention given to customers and quick response to orders.

Quality Policy

GL Oleohydraulics assumes the following commitments that constitute our quality policy:
- Meet the requirements of our customers and give them an excellent service, always aiming to fulfil their satisfaction.
- Comply with the delivery deadlines agreed with the client.
- Employ new technologies. - Train employees.
- Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Our Mision

Our mission is to design, manufacture and market hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses and pipes as well as to supply our customers with all the accessories and hydraulic components to suit their needs by providing the advice they need in compliance with their requirements.


gl-oleohidraulicaGL-Oleohydraulics was born in the mid-2008, even though Gastón López, its owner, already started with this dream in 2004. He started in a small warehouse with a reduced group of people working on the assembly of hydraulic hoses. However, he always knew that he wanted to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders. It was thus in 2008 that he managed to buy the first piece of land of his plant (about 300 m2) and the needed machinery to start producing.

The first goal was accomplished, but, like every entrepreneur, it was always clear for him which were the most important values: ascent and progress, commitment, responsibility, honesty, knowledge and quality. Evidence of this is the rapid growth that the company has had since its beginning up to the present.

In 2010, GL Oleohydraulics had already tripled its installed capacity compared to 2009. This increase was achieved by applying principles of better productivity that enabled the company to follow the growth of sales.

During 2011 and 2012 the company expanded about a 70% the area covered by adding a warehouse of approximately 200 m2, thus achieving a total covered area of approximately 500 m2. Another key point in the company's growth was the acquisition of technology, such as a CNC lathe, a painting booth, a saw, among others, which allowed a further increase in productivity.

In 2013 the plant was expanded again by adding a third area of 120 m2. Adding a total covered area of 620 m2. Furthermore, they have carried out new technology investments and started working on the design and implementation of the quality management system of the company.

Today, GL Oleohydraulics works to fully satisfy its customers’ needs and to continuously improve itself, always trying to be faithful to the principles and values of its founder, who with effort and perseverance has fulfilled his dream and continues to propose new goals for a company looking to be a step ahead, every day.